Youtube for action campaigns are best for lead generation

What is YouTube Campaign?

YouTube campaigns are made by creating videos and uploading them on YouTube to nourish your brand/product to gain better exposure

Are you thinking of advertising on YouTube?
Are you looking for a guide to create an YouTube advertising campaign?

Nettyfish provides you a seemless YouTube Campaign services that matches with your requirements

Nettyfish also supports you with the YouTube Advertising with following key points

- Targeting options to new audiences
- Profitability with low cost
- Scalability through a new marketing channel
- Through reach you can enhance visibility
- Analysis is done for the purpose of optimization
- Improved content strategy with the help of Video Ad Formats
- Organic growth and brand awareness


How to Run Successfull youtube campaign for your business

Setup your YouTube Advertising

Provide your video to upload on Youtube

Tips to create Video: 1. Plan attractive content,
2. Write a script 3. Record Audio for the script
4. Produce your video

Choose an objective and type of Ad

  1. Decide the purpose of Advertising
  2. 1. Create Awarness 
  3. 2. Produce Brand awareness
  4. 3. Generate Leads

Type 1 - True View Ads

  1. TrueView ads run before, during, or after the video and work best for creating initial awareness of your brand or product. They give Skip button that allows users to skip the ad after 5 seconds

Type 2 - Non-Skippable In-Stream Ads

  1. The in-stream ads are available only for some campaign types (Reach campaigns) and can be 6–15 seconds long. If you try to load videos that are 16 seconds or longer, you’ll see an error message.

Type 3 - Bumper Ads

    1. Ads that are 6 seconds or shorter can be used for bumper ads. Unlike TrueView or skippable ads, bumper ads don’t change the view count of your videos. Users can’t skip bumper ads.

Schedule, Budget and Bidding

By providing admin access to Nettyfish, Tell us your budget and campaign date, 
we will run the campaign with selecting appropriate strategies

Control your YouTube Ad

We will configure networks options with top listing on YouTube search results. We will add negative keywords with Inventory type, excluded content, Excluded types and labels

Define the target audience

  1. YouTube’s viewers targeting options are quite vigorous. In addition to that, the data from YouTube is amplified by data coming from Google Search and partners. This mixture makes YouTube advertising incredibly powerful.

Benefits of YouTube Advertising

YouTube Ad Benefits

Cost Effective
Highly targeted reach
Advertising metrics are easy to measure
It provides fast results
Improves the range your digital presence

Ad elements to be considered

Editing style
Narrative structure
Storytelling approach
Messaging Strategy
Brand/Product presentation
Use of audio/Use of supers
Personalize your Ads that matches your goal

Marketing objectives

Ad recall
Purchase intent
Run low-cost efficient campaigns
Look out for customers with advanced targeting


Brand Impact
Store visits
Calculate the success of your Ads

Length required

Minimum Video Length: 12 Seconds (For Skippable Ads)
Maximum Video Length: Upto 6 minutes (Skippable Ads)
*60 seconds (Skippable Ads on YouTube Kids)

Video Ads Specifications

Video Codec: H.264, MPEG-2, MPEG-2, MPEG-4
Audio Codec: AAC, MP3
Resolution: 16*9 or 1080p (4:3 aspect ratio)

10 ways to grow your YouTube channel!

Create an engaging title, description, category, tags, keywords

Fine-tune your video and it's range

Look for the viewers wish

Attract the YouTube community

Alter your Thumbnail

Advertise your other videos under description box

Choose target audience

Conduct an even or offer for freebie

Inspire your audience to view your stream

Immerse your YouTube videos