Automated Whatsapp Chatbot conversation with Customers

Business Whatsapp API and Chatbot

Nettyfish whatsapp Chatbot provides AI-powered bot solution for all the industries. The user-friendly platform has a dashboard with sandbox where you can view the incoming and outgoing messages. The incoming queries and the bot replies are viewed in the sandbox and agent intervention between the bot chats are also available. A detailes report of Agent solved queries and bot solved queries can be exported. The bot replies 24/7 to all the queries even during the non-business hours. The dashboard contains the feature of creating no-coding chatbot flows. You can create multiple chatflows by configuring the keywords accordingly. Whatsapp API document is provided to connect with any software.

The dashboard has a date filtered reports and chart with classifications of . New Ticket . Open Ticket . Pending Tickets . Solved Tickets . Solved by Bot . Solved by Agent . Expired . Expired without agent reply 

The charges varies according to business- initiated and user-intiated messages but the first 1000 conversations are free with monthly subscriptions.

Facebook Verification

Business Whatsapp chatbot can be activated only if facebook business page is verified. Verification of facebook bussiness account is mandatory before applying for whatsapp channel activation. The green shield icon and the verification date will be displayed on business manager under secutiry center. Whatsapp channel will process with only limited functionalities without facebook verification. Our Digital Marketing experts will ask for few required documents for business verification. 

For business verification and whatsapp activation, Nettyfish asks for admin access to business page to start verification process and whatsapp channel can be configured.

Features of Whatsapp Chatbot

Send 1000 and more conversations

Start your conversation initially with 1000 customer on WhatsApp Tier 1 and increase your limit to Tier 2 and can chat with all contacts that includes contacts not saved in your contact list

Send Images, Videos and documents

Send Images, Videos and documents

Send attachments, materials automatically in any format such as text, images, videos, audios and vCard files.

Upgrade and experience advanced Features

Grab Contacts from WhatsApp Groups, Fast sending mode, Schedule Sending & Numbers Filter

Customize and send personalised SMS

Send personalized and unique messages by choosing variable method that automatically picks the name of receiver

Measure and check chatbot analytics

Analyse reports and check graph of manual and chatbot conversations