Whatsapp Chatbot retargets existing customers in businesses

Nettyfish Solutions is one of the world's Largest WhatsApp Chatbot Provider


Nettyfish Solutions WhatsApp chatbots are used by some of the world’s leading brands, Financial Services & Telecom to drive transactions and reduce support costs. 

AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot will be able to do..

- Assure top most customer satisfaction

- Conserve resources and costs of Marketing, Sales and Services Communications

- Being able to reach 24*7 for customers queries

- Doing proactive messaging to build ongoing relationships

How to implement a WhatsApp chatbot for your business?

Nettyfish Enterprise adopts and implements WhatsApp for chatbot-enabled marketing, sales and services.

We will make your business ready to use with Whatsapp Business Verification and Whatsapp Chatbot with the power of conversational AI that

- Offers widespread experience

- Contains multilingual conversational options

- Understanding data 

- Learns with conversations

- Certify leads with real-time information analysis


Multilingual Conversations

Adios to detailed languages options that are used by your customers.

With Whatsapp Broadcast it will be impulsively delegated to the agents who talk in your favourable languages. Effortless way and simply satisfied.  


As you wish select from from PAN Indian languages and also many other foreign languages other than English.

Strengthen a hybrid of translation and customize native languages to get better understanding for the high customer experiences.




- Great Customer Satisfaction

- Limitless geographical location

- Cost-Effective

- Immediate responses


Once products are viewed, the customer can add them to their shopping cart and send the cart items to a business.


Assist your customers on a platform in which they spend the most of their time.

Reply to FAQs and use live chat to talk to agents for difficult queries with WhatsApp Business API.

Create quick replies, use templates for auto-replies and improve agent productivity with a chatbot for WhatsApp.