Whatsapp api is easy to integrate and engages your audience

How it works?


Whatsapp API is used to integrate existing software with whatsapp dashboard to automate the communication. An API call to the contacts node should be sent before sending message.

In the container, the information are cached, this should be done to prevent “unknown contact error” Contacts documentation will be provided before integration of software.

All the messages are encrypted on whatsapp with sender and receiver keys.

Uses of Business WhatsApp API

Business Whatsapp API can be securely used to automate the communications with customers such as:


- Create WhatsApp business profile

- Update business information on profile

- Engage your customers

- Verification codes for new users

- Two-factor authentication (2FA)


Configure Webhooks


- Retrieve incoming messages and respond quickly using webhook

- Trigger all specific events with HTTP call-backs that are user-defined

- All media such as text, image, video, media content and location of the messages you’ve sent can be sent and retrieved.