Voice api Integrate with your software application

Through workable Voice API facilities you can enrich your customers communication


Make use of programmable Voice to ensure contingent communications, whether customers get attracted to your business online or through phone.

How it works?


Our Nettyfish Enterprise SMS provides you a Voice API structure that contains a set of API that enables a developer to control flows of call, from the time when the call is made from a number till the call gets disconnected.

In the middle you will get a number of webhooks for step by step call that you answer by leaving a command or an option.

Features of Voice API

- Play audio precisely. Play pre-recorded audio files at your convenient timing during a call

- Record, Store and retrieve calls as you wish

- Personalize caller ID

- Get Digit input

- International Con-calling

Voice API

Key Benefits of Voice API

- The vital benefits of APIs are that they are arrangeable, allowing businesses to gradually built to benefit the needs of their customers, instead of making stick to one solution

- Businesses can even expand the merit of their enduring solutions by using APIs to add voice or SMS potentiality to inheritance software

- APIs are combustible in nature, which is likely to anchoring them to enhance their end users experience, as the same time it diminishes the operational costs

- With the help of APIs, organizations of different sizes can implant stable and genuine cross-channel connections ability into their applications, to improve and cover the needs of present day’s business requirements and end users


Steps to Use Voice API panel

Here are few guidelines to be followed before you start using Voice API panel:

Step 1: To sign up to Voice API panel you need to provide your name, company name, address, email id, mobile no, state and pin code to Nettyfish.

Step 2: Once the details are given our Admin team will create a new Voice SMS account for you.

Step 3: Once the account is created a password will be autogenerated and sent to your registered mail id. Nettyfish team will provide you username and Voice SMS panel link to your mail id to get started.