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What is Virtual Mobile number?


A virtual phone number is usually a particular mobile number that which is not connected to any phone physically or to a SIM-Card by the phone company.

When you have a virtual Mobile Number, you will be able to answer incoming calls with an application across the networks.

Premium MO & MT

Shortcode/Longcode (VMN)

2 way SMS starts when the message is sent by the client to short or long code. This message received by the short or long code is then delivered through to the ‘PULL’ server by the mobile operator.

The server, in turn, processes the message based on the keyword. The incoming messages are delivered back to the client’s web application by initiating a reverse ‘PUSH’ process.

Who can use SMS Shortcode/Longcode Service?

- Businesses looking to get feedback from the customers

- Creating Poll campaigns.

- To answer Quiz questions for lucky draw 

- Voting through SMS for reality shows, etc.,

- Surveys for marketing purposes.

- Promotion of new products.

Benefits of Using Virtual Mobile Number

- No mobile required separately

- Access calls from everywhere

- Adaptable in navigating calls

- Keep record of your Marketing

- Missed calls can be eliminated

- Obtain better quality services

Key Features

- 1 Keyword - Unlimited Sub keywords

- Unlimited Keyword for dedicated VMN

- Customized Auto replies for every incoming SMS

- Free API data forwarding

- Instant Reports updating

- Reports Excel download option