Chatbot for Travel industry engages audience on whatsapp

Tours & Travels

Nettyfish Chatbot for Tours and Travel solutions provides what the industry is actually looking for. It is just not to automate conversations but also make the conversation with customized options that a customer wish to have.

As there is 24/7 existence of bot, it gives a wonderful booking experience and enhances tourist involvement.

With the help of Bot that is available at all the time, your customers can simply plan their visit.

They can quickly book tickets according to their convenience and also sort out their safety issues, local transport and other problems that can be resolved as earlier as possible.

Tours & Travels AI - Auto WhatsApp Chatbot

Tours & Travels WhatsApp Chatbot

Tours and Travel Chatbot automates the activities of Tours and Travel industry and its customer that reduces the manual intervention. In tours and travels virtual assistant uses Artificial Intelligence specifically designed to do the role of assisting in various activities that is performed by the Tours and Travel agencies.

Bot services are being beneficial with various services that involves tours and travel agencies.

They also use this platform to provide travel benefits.

Tours and Travel assistance is available 24x7 and it handles:

1. Booking

2. Manage inquiries

3. Complete reservations

4. Manage booking

5. Manage luggage inquires