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Nettyfish Chatbot in the Manufacturing industry has a dual role.

The first role is to help employees in receiving accurate information regarding some processes of various levels of production without time delay and to assist customer care representatives.

The second role is to help customers with their queries.

Chatbot use cases :

  • Picture of the authorSupplies and inventory check
  • Picture of the authorAutomation of customer support
  • Picture of the authorHandling floor queries
  • Picture of the authorUpdate delivery notifications
  • Picture of the authorProduct recommendations

Manufacturers AI - Auto WhatsApp Chatbot

Manufacturers WhatsApp Chatbot

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Manufacturing sectors has to deal with the business functions and customer inquires on a huge range. When the communication is manual that could lead to inefficiency and delay the turn around time to the customers.

An AI chatbot for manufacturing sector can boost and automate this function with better effectiveness. It can be simplified a variety of tiresome tasks and attract suppliers right from the first interaction till they gets transformed into your customer.

Manufacturing assistance is available 24x7 and it handles:

  1. Generate SQL
  2. Manage inventory and supplies
  3. Automate customer support
  4. Provide customized recommendations
  5. Send updates and delivery notes