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Consultancy chatbot assists you to get the end user’s required documents rightly thorugh chat window using the File Upload function. The same way, it allows you to check the end user’s details through OTP sent to email/number.

High end experience is building chatbots in marketing, selection of a product, feedback and so on.

We understand the intense details of this technology and how to design and write discussions that will create chatbot victory.

Consultancy Solutions AI - Auto WhatsApp Chatbot

Consultancy WhatsApp Chatbot

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In Consultancy, the Chatbot automates the activities of the consultant and their clients. A consultancy chatbot can free up human agents from answering the monotonous queries of the customers, and make it easier for them to handle the complex queries of the users.

Including this, it can help in reducing the cost of operations while boosting the revenue as well. It also helps in identifying interests, saving the time spent and gather information.

Consultancy assistance is available 24x7 and it handles:

  1. Comprehensive technical support
  2. Provide robust data analytics
  3. Decrease employee training cost
  4. Unlimited Agents conversation
  5. Input of visitor’s data
  6. Project management