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BFSI Whatsapp bot Solutions

Nettyfish chatbot designed for banking and financial institutions simplifies the day-to-day operations and functions in order to enhance the altogether performance.

  1. You can achieve improved customer support
  2. Personalized banking services
  3. Cut-down expenses
  4. Efficient risk simplification
  5. Enhanced Productivity by minimal workload

BFSI Solutions AI - Auto WhatsApp Chatbot

BFSI WhatsApp Chatbot

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Nettyfish Chatbot provides solutions for BFSI industry with complete automation in interacting for more than crores of customer queries about balance enquiry, reporting loss of credit card and debit cards, loan details, opening new account, closure of existing accounts, reminders, alerts about service. BFSI virtual assistant uses Artificial Intelligence specifically designed to do the role of Agents answering customer queries in bank.

While most of the banks struggles to attend many customer's call, they have no time to chat on mobile to share details about services but whatsapp chatbots are being very convenient with a feature automatically respond customers 24/7 by sharing pdf documents of details loan plans and other details retrieved directly from exising software, it enables customer to immdiately get all the details online.

BFSI assistant is also used for collecting required documents for financial support and loan arrangements and account openings.

BFSI assistant is available 24x7 and handles :

  1. Incoming queries from customers
  2. KYC conversation
  3. Onboarding details
  4. Finance arrangements
  5. Reporting issues
  6. In taking up feedback
  7. Service reminders and Alerts