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Whats is SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing is used to send Promotional SMS campaigns and Transactional SMS for various marketing benefits. These kinds of SMS are usually for the purpose of communicating short period offers, alerts and updates to those who provided consent to receive such SMS from your business.

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How Your Business Can Use Bulk SMS for promotion?

Sales and Support – Helps to close more leads, Time saving, Customer satisfaction, Team work
Marketing and Promotions – Wide range of reach, to promote sales and services, Customization of SMS, reports and analysis
To pass information – Simple SMS to pass on information such as follow up, find new, categorize your viewers
HR and Recruitment – Schedule interviews, finding out candidate, Team coordination, Inviting new candidates
Reminders – Template creation, reschedule simply, reduces missed opportunities, fasten with software

Various types of SMS marketing

Personalized Promotions

They are used to keep the users posted about new services. It persuades customers to buy your services. It also helps in reminding about your products to the customers.

Discounts, Coupon code offers

It is a great way to establish your services to prospective clients on their smartphones and enable them to make purchases using discounts.


SMS remarketing is one of the best way to retarget your customers where you can send SMS for reminders, Follow-ups, Review requests. It will be great if you take some of additional steps to stay connected with your customers.

Surveys and Inauguration information

SMS Survey enables you to get the user feedback, suggestions, comments about your product via text message to understand their expectations in a better way. Any SMS related to inauguration or update of a new launch SMS can also be more exciting for the audience

Purpose of using SMS Marketing

Top-priority updates

You can simply communicate the information about any alterations in plan/general announcement or live update. This is possible only by having a real time involvement than any other channels of marketing.

Reminders on Consultations

Sending reminders through SMS, this is one of an amazing way to keep the appointment timings up to date. It can avoid last minute confusions and it is time saving.

Internal alerts

SMS serves as a foremost solution at an emergency situation at work to huge numbers at a time. It can be office closure intimation/event plan or any internal update.

Features of SMS Marketing

Group SMS for sending SMS to selected groups

Schedules SMS for sending SMS later at fixed date, fixed time

Dynamic SMS for sending personalized SMS

API for integrating with client's software and websites and send automated SMS

Excel plugin to send SMS directly from excel sheet without opening browser