SMS API - Integrate your existing software for Messaging



Application Programming Interface, create the functions of a device program accessible to another device program.

It is a particular set of rules ('code') and specificatios that software can follow to communicate with each other. It serves as an interface between different software programs and facilities their interactions. 

API generally operates in the backdrop of software applications and they are out of sight of the users.

Computer specialists on each side of the application use a conventional agreement (called an API specification) to build this relation.

“API” refers to this agreement as well as to the service performed via the use of the API.

Who can use SMS API?

It is a set of routine definitions, protocols, library, and tools that assists developers in writing code that connects our SMS software with other software. We will provide API documentation or sample code and the customer can use it to integrate our functionalities with their software. There is no necessity for the customer to open Nettyfish SMS Panel to send sms, check reports, check balance.

They can simply use their software to check all the functionalities after integration using API.

For instance, Call taxi - A call taxi customer will have his own software to send automated SMS to Driver as well as to their “travel booking customer” at a time after every booking order they receive. 

E-commerce website - A shopping website will have to send immediate booking confirmation to their customer

Other uses: OTP SMS, Verification code, Automated alert


How SMS API work with Nettyfish gateways?

1. Sender sends from Nettyfish application using given API access.

2. SMS content data travels to the dedictaed server from the application

3. From Nettyfish Server data pushed to Operators servers

4. From the operator server SMS is received by the end user's mobile number

Advantages of SMS API


Indigenous prolixity for reduced downtime

Intuitive routing technology to choose the finest feasible routes

Safe SMS gateway, reliable by major clients

SMS Delivery

Quickest accordance with Pre-eminent telecom Service providers

Extraordinary delivery percentage, even if it is one SMS or one million SMS

Cost Effective

You can obtain APIs for endless period, pay only for SMS credit purchase

Self-operating texting option from your Software Application, Website, CRM by connecting our SMS API just only once 

Step 1


Login and Go to Developer API menu


Step 2


Click on “View API Document” button to view API docs

Step 3


​​​​​​Scroll down to view SMS and choose Send SMS option (/api/v2/SendSMS)

Step 4


Click on “Try it out”

Step 5


Enter the required Sender ID in Sender ID field

Step 6


Enter the required SMS template in Template field

Step 7


Enter mobile no. (Note: If you have added 91 in profile, no need to add 91 in API testing)

Step 8


Enter ApiKey (Refer Developer API available in your user login)

Step 9


Enter ClientID (Refer Developer API available in your user login)

Step 10


In Responses --> “Media type” --> Select “application/json”

Step 11


Click on Execute button to get the API URL link and configure the same with your software application