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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, is the process of enhancing websites so that they line up well on search engines

This is one of the most significant marketing strategies  for any business

How does SEO marketing works?

The Search Engines evaluate the best result that is based on what seekers are looking for, as well as what other information already exists online.

It is the process of optimizing various front-end and back-end components of your website so that it ranks in search engines. It brings new traffic. 

Types of SEO

On-page SEO

This aspect of SEO is concerned primarily with the content on the site and how well it is optimised for relevant keywords. And how it provides a good ‘user-experience for visitors

Off-page SEO

This aspect of SEO is concerned primarily with inbound links from other inbound links from other websites to your site. Natural links from authoritative and relevant websites act as an independent ‘vote of confidence’ which helps search engines trust your website more 

Technical SEO

This is focused on how well search engine spiders can crawl your site and index your content. It includes Page speed,Site structure,Sitemaps,Indexation,Structured data. 

Local SEO

It is a way of marketing approach that is associated by evaluating your online visibility within the local search outcome through various tasks like managing you Google business profile, improving your goodwill, developing your website

Why do you need SEO Marketing for your business?

Enhancing visitors

Simply with the help of SEO, you can make the most out of marketing channels like Google, Yahoo and many other search engines that are huge source of website traffic

Improved Revenue

New traffic will be guided to your website by obtaining strong ranking in channels like Google and many other search engines

Cost-effective marketing

SEO is far more cost-effective than any other Marketing. It is very much ideal for a business on a low/medium budget

Improved offline sales

According to surveys more than 85% of customers use search engines like Google to find local businesses and then decides to buy from the stores

High customer reliability

When a customer finds you at the top of the search result webpage/website, it is so influential and easily conveys a strong meaning that your services are the best!

Organic Search

Organic Search is most often the primary source of Website Traffic. Quality SEO search take their exclusive brands to the next level

Why SEO Marketing is essential?

SEO builds credibility and faith

Good SEO – Better user experience

Local SEO – Enhanced involvement, traffic and conversions

Impacts the buying cycle

Cost-saving and affordable

Long term strategy