Retail solutions auto-interaction between brand and customers

Retail Solutions

Nettyfish Retail Chatbot has been created to particularly function in the name of a retail business.This helps retail customers in a way or helps employees with their jobs, or can be a combination of both. 

This enables the company to achieve maximum level of customer satisfaction.

How it helps?

- Most responsive cutomer sevice

- Online store support

- Automatic updates and targeted promotions

- Enhanced Accessibility

- Minimized workloads of staffs

Retail Solutions AI - Auto WhatsApp Chatbot

Retail Solutions WhatsApp Chatbot


Retail Solutions Chatbot automates the activities of Retail businesses and their end users that saves the manual intervention. The retail virtual assistant uses Artificial Intelligence specially designed to do the role of various types of retail activities that is provided by the retail sector industries.
Bot services are being beneficial with numerous services that allows the customer and the retailer to choose services and provide services as per their requirement. They also use this platform to give all retail services. 

Retail assistance is available 24x7 and it handles:

1.    Purchases and sales
2.    Payment clearance
3.    Offers and discounts
4.    Links for promotions
5.    Customer feedback