Logistic solutions with RCS, SMS, URL Tracking

Logistics Solutions

Nettyfish Enterprise provides Chatbot solution to logistics and supply chain business with ample use of technology with indulgence of Artificial Intelligence.

Here we will explore how Nettyfish help SCM and Transportation firms to provide finer service and buyer experience.

Bot helps Logistics industries in two ways-

- Developing customer-facing operations

- Supply chain operations

Chatbots also eleminates routine communication between employees. Association becomes simple and numerous division can synchronize together to complete the tasks.

You can also attain better system of work by self-operating numerous duties such customer support.

Logistics Solutions AI - Auto WhatsApp Chatbot

Logistics WhatsApp Chatbot


Logistics Chatbot with SCM solutions automates the complete logistics related activities that saves the manual intervention in many areas. Logistics virtual assistant uses Artificial Intelligence specifically designed to do the role of various logistics service providers especially in transportation and tracking activities.
While most of the company are adopting management principles to ensure the optimization of workflow, bot services are being very convenient with multiple services that allows the retailers and the end user to choose according to their need. Logistics bot assistant is mainly used for tracking shipments, Analytics, Quick FAQs etc., 

Logistics assistant is available 24x7 and it handles:

1.    Site navigation
2.    Receive delivery information
3.    Track shipments
4.    Provide analytics
5.    Leave feedback
6.    FAQs