Interactive IVR – Segregate Customer Calls

IVR -  A self-operating customer assistance made user-friendly


The greatly assembled IVR connection system that presents a magnificent and expert vision of the company, disregarding of the range of the business enterprise.

IVR Features

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response.

It is a Self-Operating administrative solution that connects with customers with a customized salutation while presenting a classification of menus to choose the required query.

Nettyfish’s hosted IVR system(IVRS) permits you to customize the service to the customers.


Why IVR is required?

- To produce more leads

- Widening your business brand image

- Strengthen representative's output

- Supervise a wide range of call capacity

- Render customized know-how


Benefits of IVR

There are various benefits to the user to have a well organized communication process with strong solutions to Get your customers on their desired channel by giving them a customised experience.

- Single platform for multiple channels

- CRM association

- Reliability

- Adaptable

- Personalized

- 24*7 Support

Steps to Use IVR Service

Step 1: Signup in and provide your username

Step 2: Choose your desired number from IVR Number list provided by Nettyfish

Step 3: Chosen number will be configured under your user’s name as per your IVR plan

Step 4: Provide flowchart with script, welcome recordings and other recording according to script of the IVR Channels

Step 5: Provide destination mobile numbers or landline

Step 6: Start Using the IVR service

Step 7: Check updated reports with Numbers, Time of call, Call conversation recordings and destinations connected