Complete Hr solution using whatsapp AI-powered platforms

HR RCS Solutions

HR RCS solution provides all the information in the messaging app interacting with employee about onboarding, office tour, induction, leave policy details, leave calculation, reimbursements, expense claims, hr policy informations, Payroll related informations, allocation of trainer on onboarding and assigning department.

HR RCS also can be used to send SMS related to Hiring with job vacancy details and candidates can interact by applying for related jobs and the screening process starts immediately on application of job. The complete HR recruitment can be automated by pre-set questions and keywords configuration according to organization's requirement.

Whatsapp HR Assistant

AI-powered HR chatbot is open 24/7 engaging employees and candidates. HR chatbot is also being used by corporate companies who are handling more than 20000 employees.

This automated process saves time as it can be integrated with existing software using whatsapp API and it can provide documents and information from the software to the candidates when requested, so manually exporting data is not necessary.

Also while HR professionals are struggling to engage employees who are working from home, HR chatbot engages employees and make them feel not detached from the organization. 


HR Solutions AI - Auto whatsapp Chatbot

HR whatsapp Chatbot

Nettyfish Chatbot with HR solutions automates the complete HR activities that saves the time of HR as well as the candidates. HR virtual assistant uses Artificial Intelligence specifically designed to do the role of HR in the company. While most of the company are adopting strategic talent aquisition, bot services are being very convenient with a multiple set of questionnaires  that choose the right candidate.

HR assistant is mainly used for recruitment, in supporting existing employees by providing time to time payslip, personal documents, and their performance review. 

HR assistant is available 24x7 and handles :

1. Incoming queries from candidates and employees

2. Induction by sharing onboarding materials

3. Application of job

4. Reporting issues

5. In taking up surveys

6. In tracking attendance, Leaves