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Business Whatsapp Chatbot for Health care

Nettyfish Healthcare Bot assistant helps patients to book appointments with the doctor. This bot assistant is also used in many of the diagnostic centres, Labs, for sending reports, reminders about appointments, payment due.

It also retrieves patient data and strore it in CRM software time to time using whatsapp API. It transfers unique queries to concerned departments. Bot automatically analyses the symptoms and connect patient to doctor with right speciality. It does a personalized consultation with the patient explains about the tests and procedure with no human intervention.

Healthcare Solutions AI - Auto WhatsApp Chatbot

Healthcare WhatsApp Chatbot

Nettyfish Chatbot provides solutions for Healthcare industry with complete automation in interacting with many doctors, patients in hospitals about appointments, patients onboarding, health check-up assesment, customer helpdeskreminders and alerts. Helathcare virtual assistant uses Artificial Intelligence specifically designed to do the role of helpdesk agent answering customer queries in hospital.

While most of the hospitals struggles to attend many customer's call, they have no time to repspong conversation on mobile to share details but whatsapp chatbots are being very convenient with a feature automatically respond patients 24/7 by sharing reports, health assesments documents and other details retrieved directly from exising healthcare software, it enables customer to immdiately get all the details online.

Healthcare assistance is also used for collecting required documents for financial support and loan arrangements and account openings. 

Healthcare assistant is available 24x7 and it handles:

1.    Patient appointments
2.    Support regarding medical prescription
3.    Invoice related queries
4.    Insurance claim
5.    Educate for minor health issue
6.    Reminder to patients regarding their appointment/discharge time