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Nettyfish 9th Anniversary Celebration And Year Plan

May 13, 2022

This year 2022 in the month of March, here at Nettyfish we celebrated our 9th anniverssary at our office premises in Chennai. 

Presentation on forecasting  of Company's growth and development has been presented by the CEO of the Nettyfish on the day. 

Employees stood up during the meeting and explained on the topics which were shared by the HR for discussion.

Everyone was given an opportunity to speak on the given topics.  All were excited to express their point of views and suggestions to the Managing Directors of Nettyfish at the time of the meeting.
Lunch party was arranged by the management and fun activities conducted in the evening and the event came to an end by 6 PM in the evening.
All the employees of Nettyfish was so excited to be a participant of this wonderful event.