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Bulk SMS Service Provider


SMS Solution is used for all business communications, notifications, verification and otp purposes. Make your Enterprise SMS pointed with incomparable Delivery and get better response. Right away advertise to your patron with customized scale of SMS that provides, renovate, OTP solutions, SMS with attachments and several other solutions.

SMS is a great solution for creating and sending vouchers, offers, coupon codes, sureys, feedbacks to existing customers. SMS promotion is the best way to generate leads through incoming calls. SMS can be sent from more than 20 multi-lingual languages and also can be integrated with any software using API. Also send personalised SMS using Dynamic sending option for multiple messages to multiple numbers all one at a time by single user. 

Features of SMS

Compose SMS

You can send multiple SMS using compose SMS option. On loggin in to Nettyfish SMS platform, the compose SMS option allows you to enter the destination mobile number, SMS content by choosing the correct route and sender id either to schedule or to send instantly

Personalised SMS

Personalize your SMS by adding personalized receipients name, ID, date. This Option lets you send Dynamic multiple content to send all one at a time. The date with multiple contents in your excel sheet can be uploaded to send different contents to many at once

Schedule SMS

Schedule SMS and send when you are away from system. Important announcement can be announced on time and notifications can be sent on perfect planned timing

Multilingual SMS

Unicode language sms with 20+ Regional languages Send SMS in multiple languages using unicode with inbuilt transliteration tool that allows you to quickly translate english to any regional language that you select to send

Contact Management

Manage phone contacts and send group SMS Multiple phone numbers can be added on your contacts and mutiple groups can be created in your user login portal. This allows you to send different SMS to different groups you prefer

Save Templates

Create multiple SMS templates and Manage transaction history Saved SMS templates helps you to select SMS that you will be sending with same pattern. This is one of the simple way that saves your time from typing the whole content everytime

API integration

Integrating Applications using API It is not always you wanted to login our application to send SMS, Check reports, Balance check , API documents are available to integrate our application with any other application, You can set automated SMS from your web application

Instant Reports

Live reports tracking with Instant delivery reports updations Live delivery reports are updated instantly on sending SMS campaigns. Delivery status and time of delivery tracking available at campaign reports option in the application

Types of SMS

Transaction SMS

Transaction SMS

  • Delivery to DND & Non-DND
  • Promotional contents not allowed
  • Mandatory DLT registration
  • 24/7 SMS delivery
  • Used for OTP verification alerts
  • Sender ID should be in alphatical letters

Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS

  • Delivery to Non DND numbers only
  • DLT registration mandatory
  • Sender ID should be numeric
  • 9AM to 9PM SMS delivery
  • Used to send Offers, Promotions
  • Refund of credits for DND numbers

Offline SMS

Offline SMS

  • Signup with Enterprise sms portal
  • SMS sent from virtual 10 digit number
  • DLT registration no required
  • 9 AM to 9 PM
  • Quick access to reports
  • For promotional purpose

Steps to use SMS

Step 1 : Signup with Nettyfish - Firstly, Sign up with Nettyfish Solutions on Smart SMS login

Step 2 : DLT Registration is mandatory, 1. Entity Registration 2. Header Registration 3. Template Registration

Step 3 : Integrate your DLT Entity with Nettyfish Smart SMS Portal Login to Nettyfish Smart SMS portal Enter your PE id into Nettyfish Profile Upload DLT registered Header and Templates Send SMS

International SMS - International SMS can be sent globally for all the countries by adding country code in contact numbers

Whitelabel SMS: You can manage your clients under your admin panel with your own branding.