Email marketing templates for professional communications

Email Marketing is one of the earliest programmed channels, that creates valuable and personal touches

"Make it Simple. Make it Memorable. Make it inviting. Make it fun to read"

Ways to create a winning E-Mail Marketing using Nettyfish Email platform

  1. Design your emails
  2. Insert catchy signature
  3. Segment your audience
  4. Personalize your content
  5. Use short subject lines

Define the objective of your Email Content and its Purpose

Define the objective and the purpose of the Email. Email can be sent to

  1. Boost brand awareness
  2. Generate leads
  3. Build relationships
  4. Promote content
  5. Market products
  6. Nurture leads

Have a content which is informative and interesting to read. 

Choose Right Template for your email

Professional Email : Choose a layout where you can create proficient contents that can be used to send office related informations to employees or notification to customers.

Email Automation: An automation email is going to be reached to customers on a sequence in a regular basis, so the layout must be more attractive with buttons clickable or with options where they can click and purchase

Social Post: Get the word wide out and more attractive to promote your social pages

Advertisements: The main goal of the advertisement is to find more audience. Advertise your brand, business and community

Events: Create and promote your event and bring people together

Survey Pages: Get fast feedbacks and surveys from customers and save the responses to improve your business

Landing Pages: Landing pages are used to genereate and have a track of leads. Sign-up forms, sales coupon and more can be sent using this layout

Shopping Store: Get your ecommerce shopping all in one email. Add more images about your products where customers can purchase directly from this email

Compose and Preview

Have a descriptive subject line which looks simple and clear. Keep the content of the email easy to read with a standard font. List items if neccessary. Save the receipient time by linking to the resources instead of leaving everyone to find them on their own. 

Include keywords which could be in bold. This could be helpful for the future reference/search. 

Always see preview before sending the mail to the receiver. Once you feel that it is good to go, you may proceed. 

Send and Measure

Create trackable URLs in your email. You can monitor the email campaign in real time and number of clicks for the URL. You can view multiple insights and download graphs of reports. The clickthrough rate and tracking is very important for every email campaign. 

Track and analyse:

  1. Number of Emails Sent

  2. Receipient who opened your email

  3. Clicks received for URL

  4. Geolocation

  5. Device used to open your email

  6. Google Analytics

Email Marketing

Benefits of Email Marketing

1. Generating customized content

2. Gathering responses and reviews

3. Enhancing sales

4. Meet up with your viewers

5. Producing queue to your site

6. Conducting campaigns at a given time

7. Expanding leads

8. Reaching appropriate persons at a right time

9 Giving more importance to your viewers

10. Giving low-cost campaigns

11. Holding a framework of self-marketing

12. Thanking your media and contacts