Why SMS Marketing is Perfect for the Automobile Industry

Why SMS Marketing is Perfect for the Automobile Industry

Aug 02, 2022

Are you planning to do bulk SMS marketing for your automobile company?

Let’s discuss bulk SMS marketing advantages in the automobile industry. In this blog, we are going to discuss the features of bulk SMS which help in Automobiles company. There are many features of Bulk SMS marketing service. Bulk SMS is not only good for promoting products. It’s also a good communicating platform

between the customer and the company. In Bulk SMS two types of SMS services are there, Promotional SMS and Transactional SMS.

SMS automation in automobile industries

SMS automation is a valuable feature for all types of businesses. SMS automation helps the industry or business to send an update or information to the customers. This feature helps the customer to feel free about their order or delivery of the product. If a customer has planned to book a car in the agency after the booking or inquires customer will receive the updates and details in SMS automatically. This will help the business to enhance its brand quality and engage their customer

Promotional SMS in Automobiles

Promotional SMS is a message that promotes a product, new launch or remarketing, etc. promotional SMS helps automobile industries in many ways. The promotional message helps the business to send a promotional message to reach more than a million audience with very cost-effective. 160-character SMS can be more effective.

Smart SMS or Smart URL plays a vital role in the promotional message campaign. It helps to add media of the product or related media in Smart URL. You can track the SMS whether it is opened or not opened. It is easy to get the targeted or potential lead easily.

Promote the new launch or product

Promoting the new launch of a product or vehicle through Smart SMS or SMS to get more leads and it also easier to identify the targeted leads through SMS or Smart SMS is easy.


SMS help in the way of remarketing also. Once the customer visits your agency or website to enter the details. It means the data for remarketing. SMS marketing helps to remind the customer about the product and stimulate them to buy the product.

Promote offers and discounts

Promoting offers and discounts is still a better marketing strategy for many companies and industries. You can send offers and discounts to promote products for attracting customers to purchase them. It also makes the customer shows loyalty to the brand.

Promote Special day offers

Most people are planned to buy the product or vehicle on the day of festivals or special days. So, when a special day like festivals or customers’ birthday wishes them for the day with special offers.

Transactional SMS in Automobiles

Transactional SMS is the best way to keep the relationship or rapport with customers. Transactional SMS help  to send a delivery report, reminder, money transactional detail from the bank, and identity validation. Transactional messages are also sent in many sectors for sharing information or details with the customer or receiver. It also works as a circular for big companies and industries

Delivery Reminder

Transactional SMS help in sending a message to the customers about the delivery details of the product with the date of the delivery. It helps the customer feel better about the product.

Service Reminder

Bulk SMS marketing also helps to send an automatic SMS for service reminders before the service date of the vehicle. When the customer purchased the product free service or service date will be reminded through SMS. It helps the customer to be aware of the service date.

Insurance and Payment due Reminder

The transactional message helps to send a reminder to the customers before the insurance closing date and also sends a payment due reminder to the customers to make them alert about the date.

Sending greetings and wishes

Bulk SMS helps to wish the customer on special days and festival days. It increases brand loyalty, brand wider, customer trust, and goodwill.


Now you can understand the effective use of Bulk SMS marketing, promotional SMS, and transactional through this blog. If you are planning to do bulk SMS for your business, choose the professional and perfect service provider for better service, better customer care, and 100% successful delivery. Nettyfish solution provides the best Bulk SMS API for your business and with better customer support. Don’t hesitate to contact Nettyfish, we are providing 24/ customer support. So, feel better to call anytime.

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