How to Use WhatsApp Chatbot for Lead Generation

How to Use WhatsApp Chatbot for Lead Generation

Jul 29, 2022


Lead generation is attracting, identifying, and gathering the correct and potential customers for your business is called lead generation. Lead generation is an

important task of marketing. Lead generation helps to collect the targeted people’s details or identify the targeted people. Let’s discuss WhatsApp business API with chatbot features.

WhatsApp is a perfect platform for communication purposes. In WhatsApp, you can share information, image, videos, and all multimedia, etc. you can make a call, or make a conversation in chat, and also you can make video calls, status, etc. when it comes to business WhatsApp API you have all the features what normal features can. But also, WhatsApp business API has some extra features like unlimited messages, bulk WhatsApp marketing by broadcast, product showcase, catalog showcase, and an automatic chatbot with instant reply. WhatsApp Business API with the chatbot is a good platform for marketing, branding, holding, and improving customer trust. And also, it helps to improve the goodwill of the company

How to get more leads using WhatsApp business API with Chatbot  

Use WhatsApp chatbot link on all social media

Link your WhatsApp business API and Chatbot link in all the social media platforms to get leads directly to your WhatsApp. Use the link as a button in Facebook or Instagram ads to collect the leads directly into WhatsApp. When the lead connects with you on WhatsApp, they feel more comfortable than on other platforms 

Use chatbot link in all the Email CTA

WhatsApp is a comfortable platform for communication. Add a link to your WhatsApp chatbot in the Call-to-Action button. People are very lazy in taking a call. So, they feel good on WhatsApp. Try this in all the mail and email marketing campaigns.

Use WhatsApp business API button on the website

If you have a website for your business, add the chatbot link to the website button. It will help people to make easily contact you in a WhatsApp chat. When it’s a non-business hour, the WhatsApp auto chatbot will help the leads 24/7.

Try WhatsApp marketing    

WhatsApp marketing is a good marketing idea for all businesses because in WhatsApp we can also provide customer support easily. Also, customer solves their queries and doubts in the chat itself. The Conversion rate of WhatsApp marketing is higher than SMS and Email marketing. So, send a bulk SMS promotion on WhatsApp with good attractive posters, attractive catchy content, add a web link and CTA button.

Sending flash notifications

Promote or remarket a new launch or old product by sending the bulk WhatsApp message as a flash notification to all the customers by providing offers and discounts. It will get more leads for your business. 


Lead generation using WhatsApp has a good conversion rating of 45-60% per 100 users. Lead generation through WhatsApp is a more comfortable platform for both customers and businesses. That’s why WhatsApp business API is an effective lead generation. Try business WhatsApp API with Chatbot for your business to engage your customers 24/7 and get more leads. Reach WhatsApp business API provider for the API.

You can reach Nettyfish for WhatsApp business API with an automated Chatbot. Nettyfish solution provides the best WhatsApp API and chatbot provider in India.

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