Why IVR Helps in Healthcare Services- Nettyfish Solutions

Why IVR Helps in Healthcare Services- Nettyfish Solutions

Jul 28, 2022

IVR is an Interactive Voice Response call service. It’s a cloud or automated voice call system with pre-recorded interactive voice. Customers can make conversation by pressing a number from the mobile dial pad. It helps lots of companies to handle and engage customers in customer care service. IVR is also, helpful for taking customer feedback, ratings, promotional calls for companies, etc.

Why IVR needed in health care services

IVR is a useful tool for all Business-to-customer oriented companies, also it is useful for business-to-business oriented companies. When it comes to the hospital or health care sector important tool to handle the patient 24/7. IVR provides the automated pre-recorded interactive voice response to the patient, and also it solves most of the queries, booking appointments, etc

Benefits of IVR in Healthcare and Hospitals

IVR is a needful tool for the healthcare and hospital sectors. It will provide the best communication support for customer care without human interaction. When the IVR doesn’t solve the queries, it will be forwarding the call to an agent or human. IVR has lots of benefits in healthcare and hospitals. People can interact with IVR calls by pressing the number from the dial pad of the mobile

24/7 customer support

IVR’s major benefit is customer care support. Most companies use IVR for customer care purposes. The health care and hospital sector need to be alert and provide customer support 24/7. So, IVR plays a vital role in the health care and hospital sector.

It reduces human work and provides most of the information in pre-recorded voice. So, it will help to handle and engage the patient 24/7 without human interaction.

Booking Appointment

Most of the hospitals are busy and can’t handle the patients. At that time agents or humans can’t answer, and also can’t handle those things easily. IVR helps to book appointments easily without human interaction. Patients can also get information from the IVR about the booking status.


It also helps to answer basic inquiries like doctor availability check-ups, appointments, check-up reminders, or appointment reminders through the IVR. It will reduce the human interaction and work of the manpower.

Solving customer queries

Solving customer queries is a major helpful feature of interactive voice response in solving customer queries mostly without human interaction. Engaging the patient by solving the queries by Interactive voice response

Appointment or check-up reminder

IVR is also a supportive solution for reminding appointment dates or check-up reminder dates of the patients. It helps the patient to remind their appointment or if they don’t need means they can cancel the appointments. It mostly helps old age people, because they are normally facing a lack of memory power.

Pre-booking ambulance

Pre-booking of the ambulance through IVR for pregnant women or ill people for the delivery date or check-up dates. It will help the patient to come hospital without a problem.


Hospitals and health care sectors are one of the best services on earth. Doctors are superheroes because they serve lives.  Also, doctors save most lives from danger and disease.

Hospitals are mostly emergency service sectors, that’s why IVR support is important in healthcare sectors. If you are planning to integrate an IVR service for your hospitals or health care, don’t worry that NETTYFISH solution is the Best IVR service provider in India. Visit Nettyfish or check our website for more smart communication features for businesses and sectors.   

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