How Digital Marketing is more efficient than Traditional Marketing?

How Digital Marketing is more efficient than Traditional Marketing?

Aug 19, 2022

Why is online marketing better than offline marketing?

"What you are doing is not a matter, how you are doing matters."  
Online and offline marketing are different, but both will get results for your business. Comparatively, online marketing is better than offline marketing by reaching and attracting people. You can do both online and offline marketing for your business. You have to plan the budget, whether online marketing or offline marketing, based on the target audience and type of business, product, service, industries, etc. 

When you choose online marketing, you can expose your brand to more audiences on an adequate budget. In online marketing, you need posters, pamphlets, cut-outs, banners, or big displays. It’s everything about the creative content and creative post.

 Offline marketing is different. You have to distribute posters, notices, broachers, banners, big screen ads, radio ads, and TV ads. Most offline marketing or tangible. Offline marketing is an old way of marketing. Still, some businesses use offline marketing for brand exposure. Offline marketing is expensive, and we can’t analyse and track the leads and customers. Now we discuss digital marketing and how it’s better than offline marketing.  

What are Digital marketing and its types 

Digital marketing is also known as online marketing. Digital marketing is a trend of marketing. It’s better than traditional marketing because it will reach more targeted people at limited expenses. In digital marketing, you will get more potential leads and brand awareness, reach more people, and increase sales. Digital marketing is the future of advertising and marketing. Digital marketing has a higher conversion rate than offline marketing.  

Nowadays, people prefer everything online. Even they are ordering food on online platforms. After the pandemic years, people have changed a lot. Most people prefer online platforms for shopping, services, ticket bookings, food ordering, etc. Many youngsters are using online marketing for everything.  
Digital marketing is the best way of marketing because 60-70% of youngsters use all digital and social media platforms. After the pandemic, most people used mobile phones and the internet for more than 12 hours in one day. These things create an impact on online marketing. 

Digital Marketing types  

•    Search Engine Marketing  
•    Search Engine Optimization  
•    Social Media Marketing  
•    Email marketing 
•    SMS marketing

Advantages of Digital Marketing  

Reach More Audience  

Worldwide 69% of people use the internet on a daily day basis. Digital marketing can reach internet users locally, nationally, or worldwide. You will get a more targeted audience through online ad campaigns. Creative content, creative posters, and creative ideas reach more people efficiently.  

Get more potential Leads  

You will get potential leads through online advertisement. Target your audience using an ad campaign based on their education, age, gender, location, business, industry, qualification, interest, marital status, etc. You will get perfect leads and conversions.  

Brand Expose

In online marketing, you can expose your brand awareness to more people. Your brand will reach more people impressions, and you will get loyal customers and an audience for your brand. SEO-based digital marketing makes the brand more visible and exposes long period

Easy Analytics Tracking

Easy analytics tracking of your audience, visitors, customers, etc. you can track every click of your ads, people’s interest, and demand Simply by conversion tracking and analytics.


Digital Marketing is cost-effective in many ways. You have to spend money only when leads click your ads, also called pay-per-click service. Social media ads are effective and attract more people at a low cost. 

Rapport with customers

When you engage your customers on through digital marketing like social media platforms, it will create more customer trust and good rapport with the customers. They will feel good when you engage them in social media. Creative content, funny memes, offers, and attractive posters help your business and build rapport with the customer.  


Digital marketing has more benefits and merits for your business. As the same as also has disadvantages. When you do Digital marketing without a strategy, that is a disadvantage of Digital marketing. With a wrong digital marketing or digital marketing agency, you have to spend more money, people ignore your ads and never trust your brand. Digital marketing always depends on technology. It’s also one of the major disadvantages and heavy competition.  But don’t worry about the disadvantages, go with strategic digital marketing, and you will get a better result for your business. Nettyfish is one of the best digital marketing companies in India. Reach us for your business betterment. 

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