How is Transactional SMS different from Promotional SMS?

How is Transactional SMS different from Promotional SMS?

Aug 18, 2022

Promotional SMS and Transactional SMS in Bulk SMS Marketing?

SMS communication was the best mobile marketing platform in India. SMS service helps to share information, new updates, and promotional messages are easy. There is no necessity for the internet. Nowadays, people are opening received messages more quickly than emails. SMS has a high opening rate in India. Also, SMS has a better conversion rate than email marketing. In India, most people haven’t smartphones and the internet on their mobiles. That’s why most businesses use bulk SMS as marketing and communication platforms. There are two types of bulk SMS service. They are promotional SMS and Transactional SMS.  

Promotional SMS  

Promotional SMS is used to send promotion, branding, and marketing purposes for the business and services. Bulk promotional SMS has the best conversion rate and gives potential customers for businesses. Some rules and regulations must be followed by promotional SMS, which is under the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. You have to register with the DLT registration. Also, rules for message content and template like Casino, Stock Market, Earn Money, Friendship Club, 3G/4G Tower, Fake Apps Download, Sex Adult Toys, Prostitution, Anti National / Religion / Political Party, MLM Scheme, Fake Loans, Fake Jobs Airport Jobs, SIM Swap Forde’s, win/rewards, etc. These types of content are not allowed in the promotional message. 

Promoting Business 

Bulk SMS marketing is the best mobile marketing platform in India. Promote your business by sending bulk SMS to many people at a time. It will get more potential leads and a better impression or opening rate.

Promoting New launch

You can brand and promote new launches by SMS marketing to the audience and regular customers.

Sending Offers and Discounts

Sending offers and discounts to your leads, audience, and customers to boost your sales and revenue. It will create more sales and loyal customers for the business.  

Seasonal Promotion

Seasonal promotions are like sending the promotion message with offers, giveaways, and exchange offers to the customer on seasonal days like summer offers, winter offers, festival offers, etc.  

Special Day Promotions

Special day promotion, boost your sales on special days like festivals days as Diwali, Christmas, or Ramzan. Also, you can send an offer to the customers on their birthdays and special days.


Get the details of the potential lead through the website or directly in the business. You can use those details for remarketing purposes and promote your product or service to regular customers or leads

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS is called communicational messages. That will help by sending messages to the customer about important information, Delivery updates, Verification OTP, Bank transaction messages, etc. Transactional messages also have to register under DLT registration, but promotional SMS templates are not accepted in transactional SMS. The transactional SMS template is different from promotional SMS. But you can send transactional SMS in the Promotional SMS gateway.   

Delivery updates

Sending delivery updates to the customers through SMS API. When the customer orders a product, you can send all the shipment updates to the customer on the time by SMS campaign.


Bulk SMS can use to remind the customers about their appointment date, due date, insurance end date, order delivery date, etc. which will create hope with the customer. They never miss the date unknowingly.

Verification and Authentication

BFSI, software, corporates, KYC, and the government will use these features for verification and authentication. Purposes. SMS API will send the OTP, verification link to the user’s mobile by SMS automation.

Product Order Details  

Product order details can be sent to the customers when the purchase process is over by SMS automation process.

Internal Communications  

Big companies, industries, and educational institutions can use transactional SMS for sending circulars or updates within the sector.

Special Day wishes     

You can send special day wishes to your customers on special days, birthdays, and festival days. This will create a loyal customer for the brand and business.   

Taking Feedback    

You can get feedback from the customer by sending feedback forms in the SMS campaign and knowing your worth of service. it will help the customer to share the experience, review, or issues about the business.    


Promotional and transactional SMS both are useful tools for the business. That creates the best communication platform for your business. You can implement SMS service to your business for getting more potential leads. if you want the SMS API service for your business, reach Nettyfish for the best SMS API service. Nettyfish is one of the top companies in India. Nettyfish provides smart solutions and smart communication platforms for business betterment.        

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