How to Use WhatsApp Business API for Effectively in tours and travels Clients

How to Use WhatsApp Business API for Effectively in tours and travels Clients

Aug 16, 2022

Effective Use of WhatsApp API in Tours and Travel Agencies

Most people dream is getting more potential leads and customers in business. If it happens, most people have problems in facing customer engagement. Customer engagement is the most important one. If you respond to the customer later, they will not support or come again for your business. So that’s why WhatsApp business applications and chatbot helps in reducing lead loss. WhatsApp is a famous chat application for most people in the world. When you implement customer engagement on WhatsApp, they will feel comfortable in conversation.

Nowadays, AI-powered chatbots help to solve queries or engage customers 24/7. Even the bot assistant works during non-business hours. AI chatbot reduces human interaction and time consumption. Most interactions are done by the chatbot. Let us discuss how WhatsApp API and WhatsApp chatbot works in the tours and travel business.

What is WhatsApp API and how does it work in Traveling Agencies?

WhatsApp is a communication platform that is popular and user-friendly to users. In WhatsApp, you can send messages, multimedia, live locations, status update, and documents. Also, you can make online payments on WhatsApp like UPI, bank to bank, UPI to bank transfers, etc. WhatsApp business applications have more features than personal WhatsApp applications. Nowadays future of business is the Automation WhatsApp chatbot. WhatsApp chatbot helps to engage the customers by automatic chat replies and quick response interaction chat assist. WhatsApp chatbot reduces 80-90% of the human work and automates the business

Benefits of WhatsApp Chatbot API in Tours and Travel Companies

WhatsApp chatbot is to make the business fully automated. It helps to solve queries, purchase or booking process online, delivery reports and status of the product, promotional campaign, etc. WhatsApp bot creates an impact in most businesses. Tours and travel businesses can effectively use WhatsApp chat in many ways. Let us discuss the topic of tours and travel business by use of WhatsApp API.

Promotion in WhatsApp

WhatsApp Business and chatbot help to promote the tours and travel business. You can send promotional messages to more than 1000 people through the WhatsApp campaign. It will help to get more leads without spending money on ads.

Online bookings

In WhatsApp business, you can showcase your tour and travel packages in WhatsApp online store. Customers can book tickets or tours and travel packages at WhatsApp online store. The WhatsApp chatbot solves queries and interacts about a package with the customers.


By WhatsApp chatbot API, you can send reminders to customers before their travel date, ticket booking confirmation, ticket cancellation, location, etc. These things will share automatically by the WhatsApp Business API.

Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is an important one in every business. WhatsApp chatbot will help you to engage the customer at all times. 24/7 chat support assistant helps to interact with the customers and reduces human interaction and work. No need for assistance works in business. The chatbot will manage 80-90% of the work and gives an instant report

Packages Showcase

Online store WhatsApp business helps you to showcase the tours and travel packages. People can check it on WhatsApp, so a website is not necessary

Solving Queries

Auto-response features in WhatsApp chatbots answer customer queries. Enrolling all FAQs and solutions in the chatbot flow will reduce human interaction. It will interact with the customers and solve their issues.

Live Location Sharing

You can share your travel’s live location on WhatsApp to customers for knowledge about where you are. Customers will feel good about it

Taking Feedback

Taking feedback from the customers after the travel ends is easy by WhatsApp chatbot. WhatsApp chatbot will send an automatic message to the customers by sending feedback forms. It helps the customer to share feedback about your busines

How to Choose the Best WhatsApp API

Using WhatsApp and chatbots for tours and travel business is good. So, important to know how to get good service. Choosing the quality and best service only helps you to do the WhatsApp automation without problems. Most companies are providing WhatsApp chatbot integration and WhatsApp API integration.

Nettyfish is also one of the top companies in India that provide the best WhatsApp chatbot and WhatsApp API integration. Are you planning to integrate WhatsApp API into your business? Reach out to us for better service instead of wasting your time.

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