Do's and Don'ts of Effective Bulk SMS Marketing

Do's and Don'ts of Effective Bulk SMS Marketing

Aug 08, 2022

what is SMS marketing?

SMS is a short message service, SMS marketing is a tool to promote a new product, offer or service in a short and sweet message. Now a day’s mostly 90% of people are reading the SMS within 5 to 10 minutes. It’s a useful tool to make more traffic or get leads at a low cost. There are two types of Bulk SMS campaign one is the promotional message and the transactional message. The promotional message is used for promoting products, creating awareness on branding, promoting business, remarketing, and awareness of the new product. The transactional message is like bank transactional messages, college fees transactional messages, or any transaction-related messages coming under transactional message service.

DO of SMS marketing

DO’s of SMS marketing is a solution to make an effective and perfect way of SMS marketing. Effective SMS marketing needs to be following some rules and regulations. SMS is a Short Message Service; one message can conduct only 160 characters, and effective content on SMS marketing should be below 160 words. That content should be short and sweet, including a call to Action or web link in the SMS. Most people view or read the message within 10 minutes. The conversion value of SMS marketing is also high when compared to email marketing.

Short and Sweet SMS Marketing

As already discussed, the SMS only has 160 characters. Every viewer is expecting short and sweet content when you dump the content with a brief explanation about the company, product, and marketing strategy. The message will be avoided by the viewer easily. So short and sweet content makes the viewer stimulated to click the link or CTA button by expectation or curiosity. Short and sweet content is best for effective SMS marketing.

Promote With Offers to stimulate the viewers

In SMS marketing you can promote the new product and remarket for regular customers to increase the desire of the viewers. Using SMS marketing to promote the product, business, or services by providing special offers, discounts, free services, etc. to make the customer buy the product again. Grab the attention of the viewers with catchy content and good offers

Web link or CTA in SMS marketing

When you plan to do the SMS marketing, do attach a call to action or web link to target the correct viewers for the conversion. Even you can link the smart link to track the viewers to get the targeted leads. Content without CTA or Web link is of no use for the message.

Do Register your SMS marketing

SMS marketing needs to be registered with a DLT registration. DLT is a Distributer Ledger Technology that helps to do legal or trustable messages. If SMS marketing is done without DLT registration it goes like spam or junk and people never read or trust those messages.

Don’ts of SMS marketing

Most of the bulk SMS marketing company trying to dump the content and marketing strategy in the content. Don’t dump or try to inject the marketing strategy. SMS should be in short content with effective and catchy content to make the SMS campaign more perfect. Don’t try to irritate the viewers with ugly content and continuous message.

Don’t send lengthy content

Don’t try to dump the lengthy content in the SMS marketing. Content is the more important brain of SMS marketing. So people like the short and sweet content with catchy lines. Content must be below 160 characters. Because SMS content can only contain 160 words.

Don’t try to dump the marketing strategy

SMS marketing is a short and sweet way of marketing system. Mostly 90% of people in the world view the SMS within the 10minutes. So, there is a lot of difference between reading and viewing the message. So, viewing or reading is based on the content of the SMS marketing, so don’t try to briefly inject the marketing strategy. Short and sweet talk about the company or product, promote some offers, and CTA or web link in the content.

Don’t use local slang or short forms

Don’t use Local slang or abbreviation in the content, it confuses the viewers or they can’t get your message properly. So, using the correct wordings and don’t use abbreviations in the content is better in SMS marketing.

Don’t send Rapid and Continues Message

Don’t send a rapid and continuous message to the audience it makes the audience more irritated and stimulates the audience to avoid or block the message. So once you send a message wait for the next message don’t send continuously. It’s not a proper way of Bulk SMS marketing.

Choose the correct Bulk SMS marketing provider

Choose the perfect SMS marketing service provider to do better marketing for your business. Nettyfish Solution is one of the best Digital marketing Services, Bulk SMS marketing and Bulk SMS API providers in Chennai. You can visit our website and check for more services and more details.   

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