What is WhatsApp Business API - The Complete Guide

What is WhatsApp Business API - The Complete Guide

Aug 05, 2022

What is WhatsApp API?

WhatsApp API is an application program interface that helps to send an automated call, scheduled messages, an AI-based chat bot, and solve problems or queries without a human. It’s a smart communication service for businesses, organizations, or educational institutions to send information, news, or business promotion in bulk WhatsApp messages to lots of people at the same time. It will reach more people at the same time.

How WhatsApp API works

WhatsApp API works as a bridge between the server, WhatsApp, and users. You have to create a WhatsApp business profile and it must be login with Facebook. WA API was developed by Facebook in 2018 to reach more people in WhatsApp marketing. The automated message, scheduled messages, automated replies, automatic welcome messages, and online stores. These are the basic features of business WhatsApp API.

How WhatsApp Business API helps in Business

WhatsApp API works in business as the best marketing tool for promoting business which makes the brand high and increases customer satisfaction and trust. Online stores, Ecommerce, service-oriented companies, booking platforms, and product-oriented companies use WhatsApp business API for promoting their business, engaging their customer with communication, 24*7 customer support for the customers, promoting and branding, etc.

Features of Bulk WhatsApp Business API in Marketing

Branding and trust building

Bulk WhatsApp helps to create Branding and Trust building with customers and audiences. WhatsApp API works as a platform for sending messages to the bulk of people at the same time. In Bulk, WhatsApp API can send a message with a logo, and brand name catchy content to make the brand famous. Bulk WhatsApp Business API provides the automatic greeting message, automatic instant replies, and AI chatbot replies for queries making the customer trust the company easily.

Smart Communication System

Business WhatsApp API, is an application interface that is not only a useful tool for marketing it also acts as a support chat system and smart communication system. The smart communication system is a bot that will reply instantly to customer queries and issues. When the bot can’t clear the issue user or chat person will reply to the customers. Mostly bot clear the problems, issues, and doubts of the customers 24/7

Reach More People in Marketing

Bulk WhatsApp can reach more people and the conversion rate of this marketing is also high. Most likely 45 to 65% of conversion out of 100. WhatsApp marketing will reach more people and also it will get more leads for your business or product. You can send a bulk message through WhatsApp with an image, caption, and call to action button. Also, you can add the website link.

Effective Communication with customers

Bulk WhatsApp helps to send scheduled messages and automated messages to customers. It’s not like only Promoting a business or promoting a product. WhatsApp is an effective communication platform that helps to send transactional messages to customers. Booking platforms send ticket confirmation, booking status, and booking pending or cancellation messages also send to the user or customers to make the customer happy and trust the brand. Also, the loan-providing company can send the remainder of the due date, and amount on WhatsApp to inform the payment details.

The scheduled message helps you to send a wish to customers on special days, birthdays, or festivals. This will make the customer happy and they show loyalty to the branding with satisfaction.

Automated and manual Customer care support

WhatsApp customer care support is an easy way to attract clients or customers to make them more loyal to your brand and company. Customer satisfaction is an asset of the company. When the customer support is online. All the people can easily efficiently solve their queries. Customer support in WhatsApp is like you can create an automatic reply instantly by the chatbot. The chatbot will help to give customer support 24/7. Most of the queries and problems are solved by the chatbot

How to choose a Correct WhatsApp business API Provider

WhatsApp business providers are more in numbers but you have to choose the correct provider for future updates and good customer support. Nettyfish solution is the best Bulk WhatsApp API and WhatsApp chat bot provider in India. You can visit our website and reach us for better service and better API with 24/7 customer support.

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