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How Voice Key Input works?

Voice Key Input service enables the end user to send their choice by receiving a voice call.

By encapsulating VoC(Voice of Cutomers), you can bind and engross with customers at every liaison in the customer's move and automatically enhance their experience with your company.

In the voice call, the user will be given a set of choices from which he/she can click on the keypad from 0 to 9 on their mobile handset.

Voice of Customers Techniques (VoC)

  • Picture of the authorCustomer Interviews
  • Picture of the author Online surveys
  • Picture of the author Online Customer Reviews

For a ready reference please check for the sample Voice call key input image on the right side of this section

This study conceptualize and bridges the gap between customer expectation and their actual experience.

How it impacts your business?

  • Picture of the authorGives cautions in business promptly and also you can figure out possible brand setback
  • Picture of the authorEstimate new ideas and concept solutions
  • Picture of the authorCustomize your products and it's feature
  • Picture of the authorIncrease in cutomer withholding
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Voice of your customer

By generating robust Voice of the customer program you will be able to find:

  • Picture of the author Why your customer need you
  • Picture of the author How can you help your customers
  • Picture of the author What your customers are looking for
  • Picture of the author What are their interests
Voice Key Input

VoC strategy

In order to understand customer preferences, problems, feedbacks and complaints.

Identification of performance and improvisation wherever necessary in an organization

  • Picture of the author By measuring latest implementations
  • Picture of the author By enhancing business outcome or product