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Rich Communication SMS

Businesses are using SMS to communicate with their customers. RCS (Rich Communication Services) is SMS with your own company branding where you can use your logo, this SMS service is interactive, and you call also showcase your products here. RCS can also be used with the default messaging app

Now many Businesses started to use RCS for branding and to interact easily with their customers. RCS messages are being used by millions of android users worldwide.

Compared to normal text SMS, there is increase in redemption rate because of the initiation of interactions in SMS and display of images and bot with immediate response.

Features of Rich Commication services are

  • Picture of the authorBranding on messaging app with Company Name and logo:

    The logo appears along the side of each message in the bot auto-response

  • Picture of the authorCustomer Engagement with Quick Auto-response:

    Quick conversations are created with button to action feature

  • Picture of the authorBlue Badge Verification:

    Provides tickmark for the brand to show that it is a verified business

  • Picture of the authorCarousels:

    Customer can browse, scroll and view images of products for shopping

Picture of the author