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IVR - "A self-operating customer assistance made user-friendly"

The greatly assembled IVR connection system that presents a magnificent and expert vision of the company, disregarding of the range of the business enterprise.

IVR Features

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response.

It is a Self-Operating administrative solution that connects with customers with a customized salutation while presenting a classification of menus to choose the required query.

Nettyfish’s hosted IVR system(IVRS) permits you to customize the service to the customers.

Picture of the author
Picture of the author

Why IVR is required?

  • Picture of the author To produce more leads
  • Picture of the author Widening your business brand image
  • Picture of the author Strengthen representative's output
  • Picture of the author Supervise a wide range of call capacity
  • Picture of the author Render customized know-how

Benefits of IVR

There are various benefits to the user to have a well organized communication process with strong solutions to Get your customers on their desired channel by giving them a customised experience.

  • Picture of the author CRM association
  • Picture of the author Reliability
  • Picture of the author Adaptable
  • Picture of the author Personalized
  • Picture of the author 24*7 Support

Steps to Use IVR Service

Step 1 : Signup in voicesms.nettyfish.com and provide your username

Step 2 : Choose your desired number from IVR Number list provided by Nettyfish

Step 3 : Chosen number will be configured under your user’s name as per your IVR plan

Step 4 : Provide flowchart with script, welcome recordings and other recording according to script of the IVR Channels

Step 5 : Provide destination mobile numbers or landline

Step 6 : Start Using the IVR service

Step 7 : Check updated reports with Numbers, Time of call, Call conversation recordings and destinations connected