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AI-Powered Whatsapp Conversation

Nettyfish whatsapp Chatbot provides AI-powered bot solution for all the industries. The user-friendly platform has a dashboard with sandbox where you can view the incoming and outgoing messages. The incoming queries and the bot replies are viewed in the sandbox and agent intervention between the bot chats are also available. A detailes report of Agent solved queries and bot solved queries can be exported. The bot replies 24/7 to all the queries even during the non-business hours. The dashboard contains the feature of creating no-coding chatbot flows. You can create multiple chatflows by configuring the keywords accordingly. Whatsapp API document is provided to connect with any software.
The dashboard has a date filtere reports and chart with classifications of
1. New Ticket
2. Open Ticket
3. Pending Tickets
4. Solved Tickets
5. Solved by Bot
6. Solved by Agent
7. Expired
8. Expired without agent reply
The charges varies according to business- initiated and user-intiated messages but the first 1000 conversations are free with monthly subscriptions.


AI Powered - Cloud CRM

The AI-Powered Cloud CRM manages sales pipelines, user's transaction, sales pipelines, quote generation, marketing automation.
The features of cloud CRM are
Multi-Agent login
Multiple Agents can login and can have their own client list and followup
User Management
Create new user profile and edit existing user profile and contact
Sales Pipeline
The prospect, lead , qualified lead, closed deal can be marked and retargeted
Detailed Reports
Date wise filtering of reports, revenue generation report, month wise sales can be viewed
Marketing Automation
Marketing automation can be done by notifying customers and maintaining relationship using multiple communicational channel


RCS- Next generation of SMS

Features of Rich Commication services are

Branding on messaging app with Company Name and logo: 

The logo appears along the side of each message in the bot auto-response

Customer Engagement with Quick Auto-response:

Quick conversations are created with button to action feature

Blue Badge Verification:

Provides tickmark for the brand to show that it is a verified business


Customer can browse, scroll and view images of products for shopping 

Happy Customers Said

Titan - Abdul (Digital Marketing Head)

Good service by Shasikala and Priya pls keep it up always

HONDA -Kumar(Marketing Manager)

Good response and follow-up to clients and polite speak with us. good work revathi. Thanks for marketing solutions.


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Benefits of sending Smart SMS

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